Kelmar LCS Encore Dimmer 2.4kW House Section, 0-10VDC Control Aux. Section

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Kelmar LCS Encore Dimmer 2.4kW House Section, 0-10VDC Control Aux. Section

Incorporates all solid-state logic, modular configuration, toroidal filtering, and contains two complete, independent, fully adjustable lighting control systems. The main or house section has four independent level presets High, Mid Low, and the 4th level either being INSTANT Full On or Full Off by setting the control board internally, the Aux or wall wash section has two independent lighting levels. Variable drive rates with a full complement of local and remote interface controls, also a RJ45 Socket for dry circuit contact closures to host automation via CAT5E Cabling, LED bar graph level indicator and our “rainy day matinee” front cover low level trimmer for the main section.

All Kelmar 0-10 VDC Control Dimmers are compatible with various 0-10 VDC controlled LED Drivers in dedicated LED fixtures and
Class 2 lighting systems**.

**It is recommended that the minimum % of low level output of LED type of fixtures is 1% or lower. If full off is desired please go to page 9
and review our LCS-PIM-2 Power Interrupt Module which allows the dimmer to fully fade down and then remove the line voltage suppling
the fixtures thus achieving the Black Box effect desired for your cinema.

The dimmer is housed in one compact wall mounted steel enclosure with the enclosure being divided In 2 sections:
A Termination Section, B Operation Section.