Film Reels and Cases

Film-Tech’s multi-format motion picture film reels are the perfect choice for both projection as well as archival storage of motion picture film.  The reel is available in two diameters, 24-inch which holds 6000 feet of film and 27-inch which holds 8000 feet of film.  Each reel comes with the necessary hardware as well as 5/16” core adapters.  (The reel may also be used with ½” spindle shafts without the adapter.)  The reels are made from archival plastic and assembles with a single #2 phillips screwdriver.  Depending on the model ordered will depend if it comes with a 5-inch core or an 8-inch core, but note the reel can also be used with any standard 4-inch core as well if desired.  When using a 5-inch core with the 27-inch reel, the running time capacity of 35mm polyester film is 1 hour 30 minutes and the running time of 70mm polyester film is 1 hour 15 minutes.  The reels are produced in black. 

Available late spring 2021/summer 2021

Please contact for reels in different colors (minimums will apply for custom colors).