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Film-Tech’s 5-inch 35mm film cores are designed to be 100% compatible with ALL makes and models of split reels, clip-together reels, and flanges as well as the use of drive-dog shafts.  These are the strongest cores ever made and they spin absolutely true to avoid end of reel cinch mark film damage.  Made from archival-grade plastic and offered in two oversize options (8-inch diameter also available), the problem of “core set” film deformation is eliminated as well. 

Please contact websales@film-tech.com for cores in different colors (minimums will apply for custom colors).


Important note regarding film capacity on cores:

Upgrading from a lab 3-inch core to a typical 4-inch core only loses 70 feet (46 seconds) of film capacity on the reel.

Upgrading from a typical 4-inch core to a 5-inch archival core only loses 100 feet (66 seconds) of film capacity on the reel.

Upgrading from a 5-inch archival core to an 8-inch archival core loses 415 feet (4 minutes, 36 seconds) of film capacity on the reel.

As a rule, using the largest size core possible will put the least curl and wear on your film.  Unless the amount of film is reaching the edge of the reel, always opt for the largest size core/hub possible.  Regarding large reels of 6000 feet and over remember that as the overall reel diameter increases, so should the hub (core) size of the reel to prevent film damage.